Refocus, Restart, Recharge

Chanting, Talks and Meditation

daily at 6.30am


We warmly invite you to join our five-day programme of early morning meditations and chanting, designed to help participants reconnect with their spiritual core and recharge for the year ahead.

Based on the traditional Buddhist practices of reawakening, undertaken by Shinnyo-en’s founders, Masters Shinjo and Tomoji, each session includes chanting, a themed talk and a period of meditation, creating a space to inspire reflection, gain insight and re-energise for the new day.

Each session lasts around 45 minutes. You may join one or all five sessions, as suits your schedule. Free and reservation is not required, just come along!

Day 1:Reflection

Monday 20 January 2020 – 6.30am

A path of transformation is said to start with reflection and explore how we might do things differently. What is reflection and how do we practice it in order to enact positive change?


Day 2:Resolve

Tuesday 21 January 2020 – 6.30am

It was through strong resolve that the Buddha cultivated awakening, so how do we cultivate inner resolve, in practice and in the way we live our lives?


Day 3:Chanting & the Power of Sound

Wednesday 22 January 2020 – 6.30am

Words have power and Buddhist chanting is said to awaken seekers from a state of spiritual slumber. What are the purposes and benefits of chanting?


Day 4:Understanding Ourselves through Reflection

Thursday 23 January 2020 – 6.30am

Buddhist practice strives to transform the limiting effects of karma. How can reflective practice raise our awareness to offer deeper insight into our habits and selves?


Day 5:Sesshin Meditative Training at Shinnyo-en

Friday 24 January 2020 – 6.30am

Through calming the mind, meditation is a tool to aid reflection and insight. How can reflective practice and Buddhist teachings in Shinnyo-en enrich our daily experiences?