Dharma Programme

Shinnyo-en’s Chiryu Gakuin Dharma Programme (CGDP) is a comprehensive educational programme for everyone. The programme offers opportunities to develop an understanding of the basics of Buddhism and Shinnyo Buddhist practice through lectures, discussions and workshops.  

Introductory course

Who is it for?
Introductory Course is open to anyone who is interested in learning about Buddhist Teachings including the Shinnyo Path. 


Course Contents
Classes consist of 10 lectures, 1 workshop and 1 explanatory lecture on the Shinnyo Founder’s teaching. 

These will be held monthly on the 3rd weekend of each month at Shinnyo-en UK.  Lectures will be either live or delivered through pre-recorded media.  All sessions will be followed by group discussion. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.

No prior knowledge of Buddhism is required to attend the Introductory Course.  You may start the course at any time of the year and there is no time frame in which you must complete the course, or any obligation to complete the course once you start.


Tuition Fee
Introductory course is free of charge. 

How to enrol

  1. Please check our monthly schedule on the website for exact date and time of lectures. 

  2. Book a space to attend lectures/workshops by clicking HERE.

  3. Come at least 20 mins before the start of the lecture on your first visit to be shown around and to fill in the registration form. 

  4. Attendance card will be issued for your own record.

  5. Enjoy CGDP and stay for tea/coffee afterwards if you have time!

You can download 2018-2019 programme schedule by clicking HERE.