Lantern Message Submission

Please submit a short message or a prayer to be put on a lantern and floated. We accept text and/or images. Once your prayers/messages are received, we will print them on waterproof stickers and place them on our lanterns so that they may be floated on our lake on the final day of the event, Saturday the 26th of September.

Messages and prayers can come in many shapes and forms, and there are no set rules for what is and isn't appropriate. Please write freely. If you would like some ideas on what you could write about, below are some potential topics.

  • Prayers or messages to loved ones who have passed away

  • Prayers or messages to loved ones that we cannot currently reach

  • Prayers for peace in the world

  • Expressions of gratitude for those around us

  • Prayers or messages of hope for the future

But please remember, this list is neither exhaustive nor prescriptive. Please express yourselves freely.

Submission Form

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