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Books about Master Shinjo

by Shuri Kido (Wisdom Publications, 2019)

An accomplished artist as well as Buddhist priest and religious innovator, Master Shinjo not only established the Shinnyo Buddhist tradition but also sculpted its principal representation of buddhahood, the nirvana image.

This creative act, and the circumstances that led to Shinjo’s life changing decision to walk a path of awakening, are explored in a newly published biography Sculpting the Buddha Within: The Life and Thought of Shinjo Ito (Wisdom Publications, 2019) by the award-winning Japanese author Shuri Kido.

The first major biography of Shinjo Ito published in English, Kido aims to fully capture ‘the life of a twentieth-century Buddhist reformer’ who sculpted buddha images out of a sincere wish to positively uncover and shape the buddha-like potential that lies within the heart and mind of each individual.

Quotation from Sculpting the Buddha Within by Shuri Kido, © 2019 by Ichinyosha. Reprinted by permission of Wisdom Publications,

Shinjo: Reflections

(Somerset Hall Press, 2009)

A collection of inspiring verses and quotations drawn from Shinnyo Buddhist founder Master Shinjo’s wealth of insight and experience. For him, all experiences – whether positive or painful – were opportunities to cultivate the wisdom needed to live rich and satisfying lives.


This book offers not only a glimpse into the mind of a deeply awakened master, but also a practical set of teachings on how to turn daily challenges into a path of self-discovery and genuine awakening.


Sculpting the Buddha Within:
The Life and Thought of Shinjo Ito

Publications available for purchase online from most major booksellers.

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